Charlotte Photographer: Featuring Wedding Cakes from Dominica @ Nona's Bakery

Hello friends! Today I am so excited to share one of my favorite bakeries in Charlotte and it's "Nona's Sweet Bakery." This is the place I go to get my favorite cupcake from their naked cupcake bar; where you can choose what cupcake flavor you want with whatever icing you would like out of their many buttercream flavors...and you can't forget the toppings... if you want to go a little crazy with your cheat day. They are not only a bakery but they also offer a cafe for lunch and your coffee needs. But today I will be featuring Dominica co-owner, wedding cake baker and designer with 16 years in business experience. We will be giving you a little behind scenes tour of the bakery, she will also be sharing some information on the bakery, a tip for choosing your wedding sweets and what it takes to deliver a wedding cake and have set up picture perfect for your next big event. This particular cake was made for a special couple that got married at Alexander Homestead a beautiful event space in Charlotte. Enjoy!


When did you open Nona's Bakery ? Why the name ?

We started the business as a home based business in 2001, once we had built up a following and clients wanted more we decides to go for it! We opened our retail location in 2004

The word Nona means grandmother in Italian, so we wanted to pay tribute to our grandmothers who taught us how to cook and bake

My mom, Nona JoAnn learned at her nona’s table and so on. Family and traditions are very important to us and we have been blessed with many memories of cooking and baking with the family. There was always something on the stove or in the oven!


Your Mission as a bakery and wedding cake maker? 

Our mission at the bakery is to bring you the  taste of the Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and treats we have made for generations. We want Nona’s to be a place for people to come in and enjoy a  sampling of things they remember from their childhood or from their neighborhood bakery

As a wedding cake designer, we listen to what our couples want. Use their vision and style to create a beautiful centerpiece that not only looks beautiful, but keeps their guests wanting more!


Where do you get your cake design inspiration?

I look at the venue, the décor style, the wedding dress or wedding invitation. This will generate lots of ideas and we just start sketching until we come up with what the couple loves

A tip for a bride + groom when choosing a wedding cake for their wedding?

Have an idea or what your cake budget is, share this and let us help you achieve a beautiful cake.

We also make cupcakes and a huge variety of mini bites for dessert bars too


How far in advance should they book your services?

Generally 8 months plus is ideal, we can only make a certain # of deliveries on a given day, so when we are full we have to turn business away

If we are not booked, we can still accommodate those in less time.


Anything else you would want to share?

Think of us for your daily celebrations too, our birthday cakes start at $20. Also cupcakes are very popular. We have a naked cupcake bar, the cupcakes are “naked” (un-iced) you choose your cupcake flavor from  8 varieties of cake flavors, and one “featured” flavor that rotates

We offer a variety  of buttercream's to pair with the cupcake flavors, you it is very customizable. You can add some sprinkles from the sprinkle bar for added fun.


For more information on the bakery or to place orders please visit

Venue & design: Alexander Homestead

Flowers: Pink Petunia

Photos: Priscilla Green Photography