Charlotte NC : Family Portrait Photographer : Maternity : The Long's

Charlotte NC : Family Portrait Photographer : Maternity : The Long's

The Long Family! I absolutely love this family! This is my second time taking their maternity pictures, I have loved to see them grow. I also had the privilege of taking sweet sierra jubilee's newborn pictures :) She was in the belly at this time. This was such a fun and short session due to the rainy weather that was approaching, but we managed to have fun and take the pictures in time.

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Charlotte NC : Family Portrait Photographer : Urban Family Portraits : The Mouer's

The Mouer's are a sweet family! And I enjoyed photographing them and capturing their family's sweet personality.

Not to mention their also my pastors at Life Path South in Matthews. There is also a Life Path North in Huntersville. 

If your looking for a church of loving people, check them out here :)

Charlotte, NC | Summer Engagement Session

Charlotte, NC | Summer Engagement Session

Leia + Brandon

Photography Engagement session takes place in Brandon's Backyard. I loved everything about this Charlotte E-session, from the outfits Leia brought to the accessories, energy, excitement, love in the air and the beautiful light. It was a perfect gorgeous day for a portrait session outside. I never considered myself and outdoorsy girl but I'm falling more and more in love with being outside other than just taking pictures with my camera and heading back inside. There is so much you can do. Like breathing fresh air, if ever feeling nervous, I sure do get nervous before a session. It's all the excitement and wanting to capture images that the subject will love and it captures them and their personality their style. So I leave you with this breathtaking couple and their E-session photos.

They could totally be models, Please enjoy. 

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Charlotte NC Family Portrait Photography: Snow Day : Twice in one month : Lucky Charlotte :

We have been lucky here in Charlotte, NC this the second time this month we have gotten snow!! Snow started to fall yesterday and I decided I would stay inside this time around since we had already gotten our annual family snow day portrait about a week or two ago. But as the day went by a lot of snow was coming down, fluffy snow. It was too hard to resist, especially being a photographer I just had to get some pictures taken in the fluffy SNOW. Daniel my one year old had so much more fun this time around. This is the second year he sees snow and is able to enjoy it.  So I was really glad we got out of the house and had some fun outside, it was really cold and wet so we didn't last too long outside.

Here are some of the pictures from today below...


First Snow Day : Charlotte NC : February 2014 : Happy Snow Day! :

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