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All Summer long I had been waiting for the perfect time to take pictures or the most convenient time for me and my family to take our Summer 2014 pictures. The "Perfect moment" never came all Summer long... This past weekend on Sunday we had the best weather in Charlotte NC and it was the last weekend in Summer too. We came home after church not knowing what we were going to do for the day, one of those I don't want to do anything type of Sunday. As we were getting ready to go inside, my son started running around in the front yard and wanting to ride his bicycle. So I got the idea to go grab my camera and take his pictures...I had missed his 2year pics in July for his 2nd bday :( It's never really too late. 

I'm so glad I did. It started with taking his pictures and quickly turned into family portraits. We all matched and it was perfect. I was so excited and happy because I had been wanting family portraits all summer long. We got so lucky with perfect weather and a good fun time.

So my advice to you don't wait for the perfect moment to capture life because it goes by too quickly and time does not wait on you. That's my lesson learned.

I love my family and these photographs perfectly capture the place in time we are in life as a family.

Please enjoy.

My wish is when I photograph your family or event is that I bring to you as much joy as my own personal pictures bring to me.